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Join Society Magnum Opus - Entropia Universe

Post by Xaero » Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:25 pm

Magnum Opus is one of the oldest and still active society's in Entropia Universe. Our main focus is not to be one of the biggest nor one of the highest level ranked society's. With that said, we aim to be a small veteran team of maximum 8-10 members.

Even though we do not have any specific level requirement to join, we would like to see you have at least 6-8 years of experience about the game. We also prefer that you are already a friend of ours, which we have gotten to know over the years in Entropia. Becoming a member of Magnum Opus is a rare privilege based on trust, knowledge and reputation.

We expect you to be a mature, reputable, representable and a curious adventurer. We also expect you to be able to communicate very well in English, have a stable self-sustained economy and a sense of business.

What you get in return is a small and highly knowledgeable brotherhood group with roughly 12+ years of experience and knowledge about the game. We know mechanics and secrets about the game that takes many years of research to discover, most of which is never discovered by the average player.

We play strategic, smart and focus on profit and minimizing costs. We also do team activity's based on higher risk taking with a chance of higher profits.

We have our own network of services that we own, website and file sharing services, dedicated Teamspeak server and shared documentation.

Are you ready to join the brotherhood?

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