The JonnySlow Rap Jingle #1 -

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The JonnySlow Rap Jingle #1 -

Post by Xaero » Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:52 am

-Poor JonnySlow, No skills to show.
-Want to be a hardcore gamer, Turned out to be a big sore lamer.
-My clan, my skills, google pays my bills. JK drama, no hassle, I just owned his castle!

-You're claiming you're gaming, but all you do is flaming and complaining.
-When you played my castle I had to snooze, it took you 20 minutes to lose.

-JK playing sniper mage and losing, My Archer I'm cruising.
-Block all the slow torches, in your lame copy fortress.

-You're not up to par, never saw a 3-star.
-Fast Avengers, that's ridiculous,
-You can't even compare to us, hilarious.

-I’m an entrepreneur, I own domains,
-Can’t stand your poop-sock odor, you’re jealous of my gains.
-Haters gonna hate, you type all your bullshit with google translate.

-My clan, my skills, google pays my bills. My rhymes, my lines, my castle getting kills.


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