The JonnyNoob Rap Jingle #2 -

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The JonnyNoob Rap Jingle #2 -

Post by Xaero » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:24 am

Sad JonnyNoob called me a cheater, can't beat my Chrono,
My Archers repeater, your brain going slo-mo?

Kid, you are nothing to me!
I beat your castle in zero-fifty-three!

I killed your mobs, I took your bling,
JK sobs: this game ain't my thing!

I wrecked your defense, I fucking killed it!
You check out my castle, and you try to build it!
Man you are just sloppy, A bitch ass copy!

Yo? What, you think you're a rapper?
Oh, say hi to your mom, that’s right, I tapped her!

Kid you ain't hardcore, all you have is slow-motion high score.
Blame your shitty laptop, I buy a new one every electronic store pit-stop!
Oh, you're broke? Lol, you’re a joke!

I count my stacks, banking bling,
No more attacks, soon this game is not a thing.

JonnySlow, Twenty-four, your fastest score,
And bang you're dead, now my castle is red!

You're right, I am a hacker, a cracker, a vicious attacker!
With a few keystrokes on my computer, I can end your pitiful future.

The time it took you to run one attack, I just sat back and made a dis-track!
I piss on your back, hey kid it’s raining, No training, will ever help your gaming!

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