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The JonnyJoke Rap Jingle #3 -

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 12:00 pm
by Xaero
JonnyJoke listen up, look at me butter cup,
I'll tell you what is up, I hope you brought back-up

You looking for a rap battle? That is something you can't handle
I drop these rhyme lines so hard, compared to me you're a retard

You try to pick on my physique and body,
Even though I'm ripped like an ancient Greek, I'm godly!
You fail kid, you better bail faster than the blink of an eye-lid.

I'm racking stacks, planning attacks,
My archers bow is loaded, step on me and you're so-dead

You think you got something on me,
But you see, you ain't like me, you will never be!

Sit your lame ass down boy, this crossbow I carry ain't no toy,
My traps I deploy, spike traps made of high grade alloy,
Your defense I have destroyed!