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Healer For Free - Modified EMT EK-2350

Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 9:22 am
by Xaero
Hello there! My name is Xaero e-lite Cynque, I am an old school veteran with 13 years of experience in Entropia. Today I am offering you a unique healing service on Calypso. What makes it unique is that you might get the service for FREE! I am also offering 2 optional support services, access to a private Teamspeak server and HD Video recording.


Main Service
Just like any other healing service, I will follow you on your hunting mission and heal you to keep you safe! If you receive a global loot, I will ask for 5% of the TT value in return for my service. But if you do not get any global's at all, my service will be 100% FREE! No decay fee, no hourly fee, no tips!

I am accepting missions ranging from 30 minutes, up to 2 hours. To book me, all you have to do is to PM me in-game to see if I am available. If I am open for business, you come back to this forum thread and sign your full in-game name in a post below this one. Once you have done that we have a contract. In addition to the healing service, I offer 2 optional services which can be combined with the healing service. If you are interested in these optional services, continue reading below.


Optional add-on services

These services are:

• Tank support (Description below)
• Damage Support (Description below)
• Access to private Teamspeak server during the session
• HD Video recording in 1080P@60Hz - Free Novelty service

Tank Support
In this additional service which can be combined with the main service, I will be wearing highly protective armor which are reinforced with armor plates. In the unlikely event that you get hit with critical damage and die, I will stay at the enemy and tank it until you return from revive terminal. I will also assist you in sending you the coordinates where the enemy is located. This optional service is also FREE! No decay fee, no tips! How ever, if you do get a global loot on that specific enemy which I tanked, I will be asking for 10% of the TT value in the loot.


Damage Support
In this additional service, I will also be wearing armor just like in the Tank Support service. In addition to this I will be assisting with firepower in the Tank Support role, and shoot at the enemy until you return from revive terminal. I can also assist with firepower in the event of accidental aggro on several enemies, to clear up the situation and to get back in control faster. To utilize this additional service, we will need to be in a team with the team setting "Damage: Share loot" to cover my ammo cost. This additional service is also FREE, no decay fee, no tips!


HD Video recording, Nvidia Shadowplay
If my client wishes, I can record our session with Nvidia ShadowPlay in 1080P@60Hz. The video file can be downloaded by the client.


This service is provided as a limited edition service and recommended for hunters from level 35 and up. I reserve the right to prioritize and/or reject clients. I also reserve the right to terminate the mission early in case of IRL priorities.

Much Love, Xaero e-lite Cynque

Re: Healer For Free - Modified EMT EK-2350

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 7:31 pm
by Xaero
Today I will be available from 18:30 Calypso time. PM me in-game and book me here!