SELLING: Complete Specialist Hunter Gear set

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SELLING: Complete Specialist Hunter Gear set

Post by Xaero » Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:54 am

Hello people! Today I am offering a Complete, ready to go into combat, Specialist Hunter Gear set. This set of equipment is top-of-the-line for any Specialist Hunter and level 40+, who cares about efficiency, economy and is ready to get into serious hunting. With this kit of gear, you can leave the Limited world behind for many years to come.

You will be equipped to take on the challenges of the universe and participate in both Robot invasions and Mayhem events. Everything you need, except underwear, is included in this set.

Adjusted Nemesis (M) - TT(235)+2400
7x Armor Plating Mark.5B - TT(218)+280

Adjusted Vigilante (M) - TT(212)+1400
7x Armor Plating Mark.6A TT(175)+210


Weapon, Amplifier and scope
Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military Tier 3.6 - TT(90)+4400
Improved Omegaton A105 - TT(184)+1600
Headshot 4 Scope - TT(55)+10 PED


3.05 Dmg/PEC With Tier 3 Accuracy Enhancers (Actual cost for enhancers not considered)


Offensive and defensive rings
Athenic Ring Adjusted (Left hand) - TT(10)+250 PED
Ares Ring Improved (Right hand) - TT(10)+650 PED


First Aid
Modified EMT Kit EK-2350 - TT(196)+5300


The EMT heal kit has not been Tiered yet, but it has some very nice tier rates.

Everything is in full condition. Current Market value as of today, including TT = 17885 PED
You have the possibility to get this complete set of gear below market value, and have money left for ammunition, Hence I am offering a very fair price of 16995 PED

I am only looking for cash trades in PED. Unfortunately, I will not be interested in partial sales nor trades for other items.

I am accepting and considering any decent counter offer.


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