What is Clan Magnum Opus ?

Information about Magnum Opus and how to join us
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What is Clan Magnum Opus ?

Post by Xaero » Wed May 13, 2015 1:46 pm

Hello visitor and friend! I am Xaero, the leader of Magnum Opus.

I have been a gamer all my life and I founded and lead my first clan back in 1997 when we played Quake II and later Quake III and Unreal Tournament.

The clan Magnum Opus was founded 2003 in the MMO called Entropia Universe, and we were ranked as one of the world’s best clans. Since then, the clan has existed in several MMO’s like World Of Warcraft, Silk Road Online, Face Of Mankind, Aion, Guild Wars, Diablo II & III, Star Craft and many more. This is THE original Magnum Opus clan.

In each game we have played, the clan has had different members. Currently I Xaero, Despellanion and Vagrant is the only 3 remaining original members of the clan who originated from Entropia Universe.

At the moment the largest part of Magnum Opus is playing Firefall and Warframe, but we also play MQEL, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, by Ubisoft. We are one of the highest ranked clans in the game and has held the #1 spot several times.

My goal with Magnum Opus has always been to run it as a clan driven by democracy and delegated responsibility, having the members all being an equal important part of the clan and feeling appreciated. My goal was also always to keep the clan mature and professional, but in a way that brings value to the members.

For Magnum Opus as a clan I aim to never need a rule book, but to let the member’s majority of votes set the guidelines for our goals and play style. There is only one rule that we have, and it is clan activity and loyalty. Either you are in, or you are out. Loyalty is being respected and rewarded in our clan.

If you are looking to join our clan, you will find instructions and requirements in this public forum section.

Much love, XaeroTheHero

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