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Join Army Magnum Opus - Firefall

Post by Xaero » Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:26 pm

I am Xaero, the clan leader of Magnum Opus. We are an old school elite gaming clan that was founded in 2003, a bit more then 12 years ago. This is THE original Magnum Opus clan known from many other online games.Today I am making this post to search for new awesome members and clan friends.

We are looking for
Our main requirement to join and stay in the clan is to be loyal, active and helpful. We will expect you to be active and communicative in the clan at least 2-3 days a week for a couple of hours every session as a minimum. You should be a mature and enthusiastic power gamer and be able to communicate well in English. We treat our virtual encounters with respect and you should too. Pay-to-play is not necessary to join, but obviously an advantage. You will be required to own at least ONE level 40 battle frame with a minimum of 800 in Power Rating.

What you get
What you get in return is a very active, professional and highly skilled clan. Our members are everything from actual IRL war veterans, IT-professionals to family fathers. Some of us have over 25 years of experience in gaming. We do squad missions, mining, raiding and exploring. We aim to be the best and most reputable army in the game. We have our own teamspeak server and clan forums.

Sponsored members
We also have sponsored Steam Market Gift Card give away's and event rewards. Yes, that is right, our members have a chance to actually make money by playing for Magnum Opus, to buy Red Beans for. The rewards are given away to the most dedicated, loyal and highest skilled members for showing awesome efforts towards the clan.

If you feel that this is a clan that you would like to join, send us an in-game join request!

You may also send an in-game mail to the Army Supervisor or the General which you can see detail about on our in-game Army profile.

Do your absolute best to meet the above criteria's and we might see you on the clan roster soon!

Much love, XaeroTheHero

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